14 comments on “UPDATED : Walsall Demo Pics of Injurys so far more coming

    • You are an honest man Adam, not many people would say that, My only advice would be to say what is in your heart and say it loud,

      • Well, keep the flag flying. You are fighting the same fight as us here. The major difference is that our gov’t is a bit less naive than yours about the intentions of the enemy within and without the borders, though that doesn’t stop them capitulating to almost every threat and demand.

  1. thats disgusting . is muslims were protesting and burning flags and bibles they would be protectedcand allowed to do what they want.but why in Gods name are the English not allowed to do the same to protect our way of life. these peole are not racist they are loyal x

    • Think of the repercussions. Muslims start wars and our society make peace. If the nation is not careful they will make it a full scale world war iii. There will be no winners in the next war. It will be over in an hour & a half. They are ratical. We are not so therefore suppress the lesser of the two evils. One day it will explode out of control.

  2. some one will die soon for sticking up for his country, utter disgusted when will the spineless cowards get of there arse and unite

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