EDL NEWS Say Nick Griffin Helped Stranded EDL Home

I have just been reading how EDL News which is a lefty page, think Nick Griffin stepped in to help EDL members get home when they were stranded in London , well as all our lot made up quite a lot of the ones stranded and were probably the last ones to leave London I can tell you we were not abandoned we were given full help from Leadership and from the Southern EDL Divisions . On looking at Nick Griffins facebook page he seems to be on a hate campaign against Tommy he really must need votes if he has to show his lies so plainly in pubic .

Hes meant to be a grown man who is supposed to be working for the better of our country the man is a joke .

4 comments on “EDL NEWS Say Nick Griffin Helped Stranded EDL Home

  1. The BNP is all but dead and sellout . Griffin will soon lose his job as an MEP because he has been totally useless having known him for the best part of 20 yrs my advice is to give him the widest bodyswerve possible otherwise he will have you over like he has so many others . Imagine what we in the EDL” who have acheived so much in such a short time”could have done with the £millions that have gone through his hands.Keep the faith we must be on target judging by the ammount of establishment flack we are getting E E EDL NFSE , SEMPER FI .

    • Fully agree with you the man is clutching at straws he knows hes on a losing streak and will do anything to stop it happening , his only problem is he forgets what he says from day to day and gets mixed up in his own rubbish E E EDL NS

  2. As one of the last there from the north west i can say hand on heart that we was not left stranded by the leadership we had full support from Edl leadership and the southern divisions, They made sure we was all met at the stations by a friendly face and that we all got back to the meeting point. I would like to say a big thankyou to all involved and as for giffin you are a liar.

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